About Canogle

Our mission is to connect people to the unique treasures and characteristics of the places around them in easy, entertaining and informative ways, transforming them into life-long stewards of their environments.

For the Keepers of the Flame

Whether you are the steward of a place, a brand or an experience you need to tell its story.

People love stories; they want to be entertained and informed.

Canogle provides an easy way for you to give them what they want, when and where they want it, and with the right mix of interesting, exciting, engaging, emotionally driving content; the ability to easily purchase products/services; and the tools to share it all with their friends using their smartphone or any smart device.


For the Rest of Us

As we move through our technology dominated world we want to know the past, present and future of the places we go, the brands we use and the food we eat. We hungar  for authentic, accurate information that is more than just opinion, but we want the opinions, too—we wnt it all.

Canogle delivers curated content and user opinions in a multimedia format at geo-relevant times. That means we get the information because we are there in the real world.



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