Article: A 200 Year Flashback


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The Bay Trail is a planned 500-mile bicycling and hiking path around San Francisco Bay. When complete, the trail will pass through 47 cities, all nine Bay Area counties, and cross seven toll bridges. To date, 65% of the Bay Trail alignment has been completed.
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Article: A 200 Year Flashback

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As you walk along the restored wetland on your left… you're also passing Long Point… a Peninsula of high ground… on your right. This is a good place to close your eyes for a minute… and imagine that you're walking here before the Gold Rush… let's say 200 years ago. You'd find yourself in a very rich, busy and diverse ecosystem where the bluffs met the tidal marsh. You'd perhaps encounter native Miwok people whose ancestors had thrived in Marin already for thousands of years. The weather was kind and reasonably gentle… and food was plentiful for them. You'd be alert to the wildlife all around and above you. In the winter, birds by the millions darkened the skies as they flew… and filled the air with the sounds of their flapping wings and calls to one another. Grizzly bears roamed freely and easily right here enjoying feasts of food on the land above and in the water below… frequently alive with salmon. Herds of Tule Elk shared the space with deer, bobcats, mountain lions… and Bald Eagles perched in trees… spotting tasty morsels to pluck from the wetlands below. We can't bring all that back… but the new wetlands are a nod to our past as we face our future. As you move along, enjoy the mixture of vegetation on the hill above you… some native such as the oaks… and some non-native such as the palms and eucalyptus. We'll stop at the end of Long Point coming up for some nice views all around… and into our past.

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