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Bay Trail/Coastal Conservancy

The Bay Trail is a planned 500-mile bicycling and hiking path around San Francisco Bay. When complete, the trail will pass through 47 cities, all nine Bay Area counties, and cross seven toll bridges. To date, 65% of the Bay Trail alignment has been completed.
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Article: Ahh…What a view! - South

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Welcome to the summit of Reservoir Hill, rising above the wetlands…. and literally the high point of your journey. The Hill… by the way… was named for A water tank that you may have seen on your climb to the top of this hill. It’s a pleasurable stroll to the end from here. Before we move on, if you look below just down the hill… you'll see a white building that's the native plant nursery for the restoration. Each year… tens of thousands of native plants are grown there and placed throughout the restoration site. To the north a few miles… on a clear day… you can see Mt. Burdell rising to a height of 1558ft. Mt. Burdell is the centerpiece of Olompali State Park and well worth a hike through lovely bay and oak woodlands to the top for far-reaching vistas. Mt. Burdell is also part of the large watershed that feeds and nourishes the new wetlands. Fresh water flows down from the mountain and from elsewhere nearby to mix with the salt water of the Bay to create a rich wetland environment FOR many plants and animals. The wetlands will filter and clean the often polluted water that comes from the land… before it flows into the Bay. Simply put, these wetlands are a natural water treatment plant. Take a few minutes to enjoy the view in all directions and read the interpretive panels here. When you're ready… walk ahead a short distance and always keep your eyes peeled for red-tailed, cooper's and red shouldered hawks and turkey vultures circling high above. They’ve got the best views in the house…and their sharp eyes are searching for a good meal down below. The hawks will dine on critters such as rodents and reptiles…. and vultures with their v shaped wings will clean up the remains of animals that have already perished as the cycle of life continues before your very eyes.

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