Article: An easy choice


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The Bay Trail is a planned 500-mile bicycling and hiking path around San Francisco Bay. When complete, the trail will pass through 47 cities, all nine Bay Area counties, and cross seven toll bridges. To date, 65% of the Bay Trail alignment has been completed.
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Article: An easy choice

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We've come to our first of two junctures on this walk… and a painless choice for you to make. If you have time, we hope you go straight ahead and stroll to the southern edge of the Hamilton Field restoration site. It's less than a mile and worth every step. Along the way, we'll take you back in time a few thousand years… show you some agricultural land… sensational vistas of four State Parks… and give you some amazing views of the brand new wetlands which you see laid out before you. If you'd rather postpone that walk and go left… you have several miles of easy walking ahead next to the restored wetlands where you might see some or all of the more than 70 species of birds that live here part time or all year round… including some highly endangered species. Either way we'll pass along stories and insights as you go. Whatever you choose you can't lose…. and you can always come back for more.

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