Article: Welcome to the Hamilton Bay Trail - South Entrance


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The Bay Trail is a planned 500-mile bicycling and hiking path around San Francisco Bay. When complete, the trail will pass through 47 cities, all nine Bay Area counties, and cross seven toll bridges. To date, 65% of the Bay Trail alignment has been completed.
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Article: Welcome to the Hamilton Bay Trail - South Entrance

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Welcome to the southern gateway of the former Hamilton Airfield. This brand new section of the San Francisco Bay Trail will take you on a grand tour to see nature reclaiming a long-abandoned military airfield… as local and migratory birds, fish and other animals move into a newly restored… 750 acre wetland… and begin to thrive at the edge of the Bay. This huge wetlands restoration project… led by the Army Corps of Engineers and the California Coastal Conservancy took nearly two decades of careful planning, hard work and sustained public support to complete… and now it’s ours and nature's to enjoy for generations to come. We'll describe a little about what you're seeing as you go…and let you know how to find out lots more anytime you choose. By the way, much of the trail was designed to be accessible to those of us with disabilities… and is also used by runners, cyclists and people with their pets. We ask everyone to be polite and follow the usual rules of the road… and keep pets on the trail in order to protect the sensitive plants and animals that are establishing their homes along the way. With those few and simple requests… we urge you to go out and have a good time… and begin your excursion by walking straight ahead past the playground here at South Hamilton Park…. built with the active participation of the neighbors who live in the homes on your left. We'll talk with you again in about 100 yards at a crossroads on the trail where you can make an easy decision and get your first glimpse of the new wetlands.

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