Super Secret Make Out Spot

I was living on Green street and missed this spot until a guy I was dating showed it to me. So fun to make out with such a gorgeous and secluded view!

1) Surprise your Sweetie with a little trip to a charming secluded garden with great views of the city. Kissing optional but highly recommended! 2) Go a little before sunset, sit on a bench, watch the houses in the Oakland hills turn into flickering votive candles.

Fell in Love Over Gnocci

After coffee my sweetie and I went here for lunch on our first date... we returned for dinner several months later and got engaged.

Buy the flowers from the gal who comes by... I usually don't but on a romantic date it is a must! $



First Date with My Sweetie

I recommend a coffee date for a first date... low pressure can lead to another date... perhaps lunch! (Ours did and then Martinis and Jazz... we've been married 6 years now. :)

Give Barista $10 to buy coffee for next patrons on you but after you leave the store... so fun and they get a real kick out of it!! $