Tour: Return of the Wetland (S)

Bay Trail/Coastal Conservancy

The Bay Trail is a planned 500-mile bicycling and hiking path around San Francisco Bay. When complete, the trail will pass through 47 cities, all nine Bay Area counties, and cross seven toll bridges. To date, 65% of the Bay Trail alignment has been completed.
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Tour: Return of the Wetland (S)

Enjoy a grand tour of this land’s natural history while strolling along one of San Francisco Bay Trail’s newest sections. We’ll see first hand how nature is starting to reclaim its home on the Bay after serving as a military airfield during World War II. This 750-acre wetland project was no easy feat, taking almost two decades and tremendous support from the Army Corps of Engineers and the California Coastal Conservancy. Now it’s ours to cherish and watch it grow as birds, fish and other animals come settle into their new homes. This is truly a special part of the Bay Trail and we look forward to sharing with you entertaining tales and unforgettable beauty. Happy trails!

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